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Press Release New Logo and Website

Published date: 31 March 2014 Press Release New Logo and Website
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Today is a great day gor the Aruba Human Resources Association and it’s 50 members! Since the beginning in 1993 AHRA had a logo created and was never changed since but today we are presententing the new logo.

The logo has a meaning of colors:

  • Orange representing Teamwork;
  • Blue representing Excellent Performance;
  • Red representing Trust, A sense of Self-worth and Appreciation;
  • Pink representing Authenticity and Performance with Passion;
  • And human is in the middle as the most important aspect of the Human Resources Job;


On this date we also launch of new Web site:
The AHRA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and development of human resources professionals. ​It promotes both individual and agency growth, provides channels for communication, opportunities to utilize leadership skills on an island wide basis, and actively engages in HR-related changes in legislative issues.

Whether you are new to the HR field or have many years of experience,  we are a local starting point for networking, information, professional
development and continued support of excellence in Human Resources.

Today, AHRA provides for the interchange of ideas, experience, and methods concerning the relationships between management and employees, and to promote professional ethics and acquaintance among those involved in professional Human Resource Management. Explore our website and learn more about our programs, leadership, member benefits and how you can get involved with our extensive network of Aruba HR professionals. The New AHRA Website was created  by our 2 very talented Web developers/-designers:
rudycroes.com and Bitklik.

Link Website: ​


If you thought that we were finished you were wrong we also have our own Facebook page, look us up and befriend us! You will get all our information of the meetings, and all other exciting and innovative information that we will share.

Through this very important communication tool we are confident that AHRA will be able to reach not only the HR professionals in Aruba, but also show the world what this small island has in terms of HR Professionals!

Link Facebook page:​


AHRA welcomes everyone to look us up and recommend our Association to HR Professionals.