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“Traditional Compensation vs Strategic Compensation Presentation” by Mrs. Esther Baaij from Deloitte

AHRA’s Board invited Deloitte, whom on behalf of the ‘Departamento Recurso Humano (DRH)’, is conducting a salary survey in Aruba. AHRA believes in the importance of this survey in order to provide companies in Aruba the opportunity to benchmark with each other and find out where their salary structure is positioned in the labor market. Furthermore, Deloitte provided information about the format they use to conduct the survey, confidentiality and other related topics. Deloitte guaranteed 100% confidentiality to all participating organizations. All data will be destroyed after the survey data has been processed and analyzed.


Mrs. Esther Baaij of Deloitte then shared her experiences on “best local, regional and international practices” regarding “Traditional Compensation versus Strategic Compensation”. Everyone present received information and insights on international trends; on concepts such as “Total Reward”. Total Reward not only includes basic remuneration such as salary and other fringe benefits, but also the opportunity to grow and educate oneself through Training, Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership, Empowerment, etc. which in the end forms the culture of an organization.