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March 2015 General Meeting with a special Presentation by His Excellency Minister drs. Paul Croes

Wednesday Evening on March 25th in the Ballroom of the Radisson Resort & Casino, took place the 3rd General Meeting of the Aruba Human Resources Association (AHRA) in the presence of both members and guests.  AHRA invited His Excellency Minister drs. Paul Croes in order to share his vision of the Labor market in Aruba, new laws and regulations and the ‘match/mismatch’ between Aruba, the education system and the labor market.

During the speech of His Excellency Minister Paul Croes, information was brought forward based on the period of time he held office. He explained about ongoing projects and also requested formal feedback from AHRA on labor laws and moreover on the labor market. The Minister gave information on the percentage of “youth unemployment” in Aruba, which was 21% in 2013 compared to the percentage of “normal unemployment” which was 7.6% in 2013. Furthermore the Minister elaborated on the project “Ban Traha”, which will encourage people receiving “financial assistance” to re-enter the labor market.

The members of AHRA expressed their concerns that they are experiencing, but also what they forecast that will affect the labor market in the future. They predict that there is already a shortage in certain positions and that there are students that complete their degrees without having a job opportunity in the particular field in Aruba. Additionally, “aging of the workforce”, especially with the increase of the pension age, there is a vast challenge in the area of human resources.

AHRA members were very thankful and satisfied with the meeting with Minister Paul Croes. They were given the opportunity to express themselves and the Minister requested them to deliver a formal feedback to his Ministry. His Excellency Minister drs. Paul Croes expressed that he considers AHRA as an important partner in helping people to enter the labor market well prepared and also to stay productive and vital while participating in the labor market.