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About AHRA

The AHRA was established on July 2, 1993 by George Dirksz, Juan Kock, Lourdes Nicolaas, Ruth Celaire and Eileen Pennyfeather. It consists of human resource managers and professionals in all business areas in Aruba. The vision of the AHRA is to be the leading professional association in human resources management and development in Aruba.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to institutionalize the Aruba Human Resources Association to become one of the leading landmarks in Aruba. In accomplishing this mission, we shall be guided by the following principles:

  • A continuous and structured form of open communication between human resources professionals, exchanging matters of common interest in the human resources field and in the best interest of their collective stakeholders.
  • Initiating and executing staffing programs, whereby preference is given to the local worker in employment, career planning and educative development making it possible to ascend in all areas.
  • To be committed to Aruba, its population, economy and environment. This being the case we will firmly support in these areas as a contributing member of the community.
  • The Association will play an active role in Social – Educative activities to promote and stimulate the potential local labor force to choose an education and a career.
  • The Association will initiate and participate with the Aruban residents to establish P.R. Programs and work towards a public understanding of the role of Human Resources Management as a social partner.
  • The foundation of the Association is based on trust, loyalty and everlasting love for Aruba.

Our Objective

To enhance the quality of professional human resources management by:

  • encouraging the contribution of each member through professional development;
  • promoting the interchange of information and ideas among the members, as well as with other related professionals organizations and trade unions;
  • emphasizing the members’ responsibility for sound planningm as well as for the implementation of programs relating to human resources management;
  • laying down and promoting rules of conduct for its members in order to enhance the ethical standards of the profession of human resources management;
  • rendering dynamic and responsive high-quality services to the Association’s members, as well as providing them with products relating to human resources management;
  • providing guidance and training and promoting professional development, emphasizing management expertise as well as technical expertise;
  • providing means to promote and establish departments of human resources management;
  • acting in the business community and towards the Government, whether or not through the media, as the mouthpiece of all those who exercise the profession of human resources management;

Code of Ethics

As a member of the Aruba Human Resources Association, I pledge myself to:

  • Support AHRA’s goal and objectives for developing the human resources management profession.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.
  • Strive for personal growth in the field of human resources management.
  • Improve public understanding of the role of human resources management.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.
  • Encourage my employer to make fair and impartial treatment of all employees a primary concern.
  • Maintain loyalty to my employer and pursue its objective in ways that are consistent with the public interest.
  • Inspire in the employees and the public a sense of confidence about the conduct and intentions of my employer.
  • Abstain from using my official position, either regular or volunteer, to secure special privilege, gain or benefit myself.
  • Strive to make my employer profitable both in monetary terms and through the support and encouragement of effective employment practices.

This code of ethics for members of the ARUBA HUMAN RESOURCES ASSOCIATION has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and professional standard among its members. By joining the AHRA, a member supports this code, thereby assuring public confidence in the integrity and service of human resources management professional.